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Grey and white decor

Hello friends, in the space of today I speak of adding to our spaces, the combination of gray and white decor. If you want a different touch, to make your rooms more elegant that enriches the decor and looks very interesting. These are the gray and white. Only gray and symbolizes elegance it and we have many colors to choose from and create striking environments and with many more details.
Both gray as her companion on white. we can implement in many different ways. Painting walls, textiles, furniture and decorative part, all this can be white or choose some shades of gray ranging from almost black to light gray.

Play with textures, we love it you can use both colors for example carpet, playing with natural fibers, wool, rattan, wood. You can also play with paint, wallpaper sticks to the wall or floor. The stone is a great natural element that will help enhance the entire space and you can find it perfectly in gray or white including combinations thereof.

Decorating a space in gray and white is a delight for the senses. Yes, try one of the two is the protagonist. While the white or gray. If you do not know which one to take as preferred, you can stick to the square footage you have the room that you are decorating.
For example if small uses white protagonist as this will make the room look much larger. Also if there are windows around plays with light and white.

If the room is larger you can use the color gray as protagonist you will not regret. A nice sofa in gray, gray pillars, countertops gray, gray tables wallpapers with shades of gray. The truth is it’s a lovely color. You can also use it as a secondary pitch and do it with curtains, pillows and some details of home accessories.

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