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Geometric Pattern Chair folding chair

This chair is also attractive addition to functional because on one hand is folded to take up less space when not require of their services and on the other hand can be used as a chair with a small workbench if used in its inverse. This project has been named Chair Pattern and has been made for the award given creative New British Design firm young design students.
And speaking of the peculiar signature New British Design we would like to show some of the works that it makes available, because they are also the most curious at the same time interesting. For sure the rack Annie Get Your Coat ’bout a very interesting project, right? This is created with different rifles steel plates made with laser cut, stacked on each other. We can choose between several lively colors.

Equally important is the small chair rocker Together Chair. Its rounded created with two pieces of plywood and the vibrant colorful feel like having to sit on them right?

The good humor that make them perfect to convey a child’s room nor miss your coffee table Original Little Star which we created ourselves riding in a very comfortable. So we have an original table design that can stand or store depending on the needs of the moment.

Original is equally Brace Series collection a set of originals based seating shapes and straight lines. In this collection we can find such original creations as rocker chairs, folding chairs, coffee tables and even a swing for two people in which to share experiences in a different way.

As you can see the style of New British Design study is most particular. And surely you’ve noticed also that the chair Pattern Chair with which we began this article is perfect for the philosophy.

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