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Garnish with washi tape bows

Good morning friends, in the space now we leave you with this arc beautifully decorated with something very special. As you see the bow has many different colors, which makes contrast with the whiteness of the rest of the decor. We particularly love the stripes, so it is logical that we feel attracted to this type of decoration.
Garnish with washi tape
Have we ever talked about decorating using washi tape tapes? These colors can also do a wall painting with brushes. All that happens is that in addition to longer end it will be more complicated than straight or go right to the same key. If you have time, you can spend the minute it goes well with paint last longer and looks great. But if you need to decorate your home quickly, washi tape strips come to your aid. They are adhesive strips, which are full of vivid colors and great patterns.

These strips are fixed wherever you put them, so as we have decorated this wall or this arc. You can also decorate home furnishings and accessories that you like. What most strikes me am that no matter what color or pattern you want to look for, since there are so many models which is more than likely to find the one you like.

On this occasion it was decided to fill the inside of the arc with rich vibrant colors an impressive sense of beauty and freshness. Everything else has been left in white, and enhances and gives more strength to the decor. Grab your tape washi tape, the color that you like. Then just go sticking them in the way you want these are all along the inside of the arch.

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