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Garnish with fruit and vegetables

Good morning friends! Today in our space we speak of decoration from fruit and vegetables. To decorate we use large and small things something curious sympathetic different Today I talk about decorating with fruits and vegetables. It’s a great choice and ideal order to create fresh and aromatic. To decorate you can use both fruits and vegetables in season and synthetic.

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There are fruits of all colors shapes and sizes. More or less exotic and perfect for decorating any of our corners something I love to do is come up with fruit beautiful centerpieces and arrangements for the tables.

If you want to decorate your tables you can do with bananas, lemons, cherries, oranges, mangoes, papayas .There are so many to choose from that can fit your color needs. Looking in pretty red tomatoes strawberries might catch your attention is a fruit truly beautiful enigmatic and a heady aroma.

Fruits and vegetables are commonplace at home but now they can be part of our decor. Fruits and vegetables can help us as inspiration to design everyday home decor. Can easily form part of this decoration currently both fruits such as vegetables are very special items and appreciated in the decoration as a centerpiece or in a corner of our home.

Many firms have taken even decoration made from materials such as fruits eat delicious others create centerpieces. But you can also enter them in jars vases or put them in a glass bowl. You can decorate with pieces of fruit whole pieces. For example with apples we holes in the center and introduce a small tea lights you’ll see how beautiful it is!

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