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Garnish with cups

Hello friends, today we propose decorate cups any space we have at home. we love decorating with unusual elements. Many times we talk about recycling certain items and give more life with a new function. In this case if you have cups, leftover and you do not use. You can learn how to decorate with them.

Garnish with cups

It’s easy and you also have thousands of opportunities can inspire you in some of the pictures that we leave but you can also create your own designs. At home, if you want to add an original touch to your space, you can decorate with unexpected objects like teapots, ladders, surfboards and everything you can think of.

Today we can think of, decorate with cups. What do you think? These beautiful items can help decorate our surroundings and give a twist to it. For example you can use two cups attach the curtains will be a fairy tale and the most special decoration. Another way to decorate with these items is to use them as planters you can grow or transplant small cactus and other plants.

Use these on the windowsill or simply as a centerpiece. You can also use them in the kitchen. There cups all kinds of colors and different materials. While it is true that porcelain is luxury not everyone has these cups home. Also you can paint make the designs that you like and then place them in some corner of your home with a flower inside.

Another great idea is to use at the desk or work area. If you are tall cups, use them as a pencil holder.

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