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Garnish with bags and accessories

Good morning friends, today we leave you with a very special decoration based clothing accessories. Sometimes we have too and his is having furniture that will help in the work of organizing our bedroom. Being concerned about the order of the room is crucial, since the invasion of chaos ruin decor.
Garnish with bags
But there are many times too we ordered one day and when we get a rush going through closet sometimes order everything expands again in time. Are you as usual, you never raised decorate the walls with your own plug in? It’s a different concept, since all of them are displayed like a store window is involved.

It’s a great idea that is out unusual is curious and friendly also gives a touch of joy through the combination of many colors. If you have no place to order your stuff or do you have them in sight to save on search time maybe you can think of a decorative solution like this.

As you will see in the picture, the room is a bedroom, where you usually save bags, shoes and other accessories. This space lacks dressing like so many other homes if you can not make a little dressing, make the whole bedroom is! To avoid saturating the environment too, the walls and floor are all in white. As you see this color is also the protagonist of furniture like bed wardrobe desk and bookcase.

The complementary color is pink or purple in some small things like the chair or baskets on the cabinet. The rest you can check the bags go with hooks on the wall and shoes, exposed on one of the cabinet doors using an elongated shoe.

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