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Drawer Organizer with cans

Hello friends, you know what I love recycling so today I leave this great picture where we see as an organizer has drawer with cans good in this case number. It is a very peculiar form of recycling economic and simple as well. Now you can open the drawer and not finding any fact chaotic.

With cans of canned or cans of soda can make things very ingenious both to decorate our home to provide storage solutions as in this case. In my house where I have the computer I have the typical items of office, clips, pens, tape stapler pencils, pencil sharpeners.

It’s true that I try to keep everything well- ordered but it is difficult with so many little things. I try to sort some of these things in glass jars or plastic.

But if you have drawers where you observe these things I think this is a great way to do it without spending hardly any money and ordering the drawers. It’s easy! Just grab a can empty and wash it well, allowed to dry and ready.

Now with something sharp as a cutter or knife and carefully just have to cut the base of the can. The way we see in the box we can place a few cans of soda bases see it’s very easy to do?

Now you just have to fill every hole you need as eraser, clips and other small things. If you see the edges prick, you can always iron out these. You can also paint cans and will have a finish even cuter.

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