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Divide your space using color

Hello friends, in the space of today talk about how to divide different areas within the same space. On many occasions we talked about it but this time we choose a completely different perspective.

Divide your space using color

It is true that we have spoken to divide spaces from furniture to use as modules, sofas, tables or screens to textiles such as curtains and carpets.

But today we will give a central role to the painting and that this in addition to decorating the rooms you can also help us divide! Here you have some pictures to give you a little idea of how two areas may be completely different functions within the same space divided only by color.

If you do not have many square meters and have to share the space for two different functions as a reading area and a place to work attempts to do so through the color spectrum. Stay half green half red. You can also put the walls in black and the other white.

There are thousands of combinations and have no reason to choose the entire wall Graffiti, you can also combine striped recalls that the stripes are in trend this year!

As you see it is a very simple way to give a special touch to your decor and also helping to divide the room.

You can take this technique to all areas of your home is great for both larger homes, as perfect for smaller homes. We hope you like this idea as much as me. Here are some pics for you to do animes or at least thinking about it!

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