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Dispatch from recycled products

Hello friends, you know that I love to recycle and give new life to items you no longer use. Those found to have potential with a little cleaning and a coat of paint will all welcome. Many times you ask you readers about some ideas for decorating your work space or office.


Today I have a great proposal and only see the photo and I can think of many more. If you want some inspiration here I leave these two pictures and judge for yourself. On the one hand we have an overview of what the work area desk, chair and, oh! a blackboard.

Slate is a great solution decorative as well as functional. Gone are blackboards but here we have a great office. Besides serving to point out what you need you can draw on it and we have drawn as a luminaire, which if true would not be as friendly.

The lamp of your dreams on a blackboard this item is perfect to redecorate your office from time to time! You now have a lamp but you can make a window a sculpture or whatever you like. In addition we see a table as a desk made of two woods. We can do something similar just have to be.

A good idea is to use canning jars to use as pencil or pen holder.
It is easy remove the label and clean them well. You can also paint them to match better with the work area. With few things has failed to produce a beautifully designed office lacks neither an article. We hope the images inspire you as much as me!

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