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Different types of bunk beds for youth bedroom

Today it is rare to be sharing a room, but if this is necessary, what we perceive is that more and more people are turning to bunk instead of twin beds. This is because the first option gives you the possibility to use a lot more space than the second, which today is very important because the newly built rooms are not too spacious.

bunk beds for youth bedroom

In today’s post we will see different types of bunk beds for youth bedroom, and none of them shows the location which was so successful in its origins. The designs of recent years are no longer based solely on a bed placed above the other, but seek the increased functionality and are distributed in different ways in order to get the most out of the room, as well as giving it a modern design touch.

Cabinets and shelves

Thanks to the new way of distributing the two beds, now we can find a variety of models of bunk beds that offer many possibilities. They all stressed the importance of this structure coupled to the cabinet or different shelves and drawers, a new concept of bunk that is based on compact and functional furniture, and which are merely given rise to new versions bestseller.

Folding beds

In these new designs highlights the presence of folding beds. This idea allows you to have the room cleared during the day and having the bed in view only during the night hours. An option is also very valid for a single bedroom you want to provide an extra bed for guests.

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