6 Top Tips For Decorating Your Home On A Budget

When you finally get the keys to your new property, then if you’re anything like me, you’ll be eager to put your own mark on it and make the place feel like your own.

The reality though is that most of us have a budget that we need to stick to, and it can seem almost impossible to get exactly what you want without breaking the bank.

The good news here is that if you’re savvy with your spending, you can save an absolute fortune. Here are my tried and tested tips for decorating your home on a budget…

Don’t rush into making any big decisions

If you’re super eager to get started, then I know exactly how you feel! Before you do anything at all though, make sure you get a feel for the place. Take in the lighting, the space, and give everything plenty of thought. This way, you’re much more likely to make decisions that you’re really happy with.

Consider items that are built to last

There are so many bargains available on the high street right now, but just because something is cheap, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good value. If that chest of drawers falls apart within a month, you’ve wasted your cash. Consider where you want to save, and where you want to invest for the future.

Teach yourself some DIY skills

DIY can seem very overwhelming. When I moved into my first home, I’d never even painted a wall before! There are some jobs that you’ll need a professional for, but there are plenty of things that you can do for yourself. It just takes some time, some patience, and a few good tutorials to take guidance from! A few of my favourite sources of inspiration are Pretty Handy Girl, and The DIY Lighthouse.

Scope out your local charity shops

I love nothing more than spending an afternoon in my local charity shops. It’s absolutely amazing what you can find! I’ve picked up designer clothing for just a few pounds, and when I bought my first home, I realised that they can be a treasure trove of trinkets and decorations that will make your space really unique. Go with an open mind, and see what you can find.

Know how much you want to spend

Budgeting is a great skill to have in your toolkit, but it’s an art and a science that takes some time to get to grips with. You’ll no doubt be excited about your new home, but don’t get carried away with yourself. Keep a careful note of what you spend, and commit to sticking to the figure that you had in mind. You can always come back to projects in a month or two if you’ll be pushing yourself too hard.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day!

I’ve alluded to this before in this blog post, but it’s really important so I want to hammer it home! You’ll hopefully have many happy years ahead in your new space, and there really is no rush. If it takes you a year to dream up the ideal sitting room for your lifestyle, it’s no big deal. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Have you decorated your home on a budget? How did you make your money go further?


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