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Decorating with urban chic style

Included within the interior urban, one that is intended for environments of apartments in big cities dominated the trendiest furniture and ornaments. And as fashions can be practical but also very elegant, this is a proposal that Leroy Merlin opting for an urban chic look.


This ornaments for the living room in a color that is always special and captivating in the interior such as purple and in this case combined with the elegant silver color. The atmosphere is elegant but also relaxed the atmosphere that is in an environment where you feel comfortable and relax midst the utmost elegance

The soft purple hue was used on the walls and contrasts nicely with the more intense purple curtain. And ornamental details such as chair or some of the cushions. A curtain is a charming way to decorate the interiors, but here in purple with intense detail is added to the room creating a very chic environment.

The finished ornaments to place the curtain, is an added advantage that is not always in the interior, and yet always add interest to them. In this case the detail in silver gray, looks great and continues to contrast a very special way. Also the finish is very artistic, with details that evoke craftsmanship, is a perfect choice.

Leroy Merlin is a real mark of great prestige in the world of decoration, where we can find all the details to decorate any home environment and always has offers and other options for you to decorate your home.

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