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Decorating wedding tables

Good day friends, today we leave you with these beautiful tables decorated for a summer event. As you can see the theme is rather the sea, since colors and items like the stars are marines. If you like this theme, today we leave you with the wonderful idea of decorating in blue and add any marine touch. We particularly love the starfish, more if they are true! I find a souvenir wonderful Marie life.
We love the summer and, although still not quite hot weather those days will come. But sometimes events like weddings important we usually leave for the summer. If this is your case sure will look for a nice decoration for the tables of the guests. If you like, besides the sea and the color blue sure you will love the photo you see below.

Remember that every element and color you can easily change, this is just one more suggestion from a large range of possibilities. But this time, we see a string of carefully placed tables to accommodate all the guests. Still not put plates and glasses but the dishes can be colored white or a blue. You can also put in light green it will look great.

The tablecloth is in light blue, very beautiful tone and gives joy to the summer. It is a cool tone that invites the water and gives a very natural environment. Also, speaking of a natural environment the centerpieces are the most simple to make and yet are very striking.

Choose a container over a vase shape that you like may be straight or curved.
Inside filled with starfish these are painted in white perfect color for contrast to the environment.

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