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Decorating Trends 2014

Are you tired of minimalism? Well we have good news for you! And it seems that in 2014 we will leave this trend to make way for the mixture of styles classic, rustic, vintage retro shabby chic. The goal is to create bohemian, romantic, ethnic and elegant spaces.

But this is not the only trend in decorating for this year just started. Here we have everything you will take in 2014 to help you take your home forever to last. Are you ready? Well here we go!

Decorating Trends

Eco Style

In addition to creating interesting eclectic spaces during this 2014 will increase the prevalence of eco style, using natural materials and neutral tones. Actually, it is a combination of rustic and Scandinavian which provide warmth and relaxation to your home. Likewise, it advocates the use of recycled furniture, craft or old.

Materials trend

Beyond the more environmentally friendly materials, this year will be trend lacquered woods, colors vibrant and bright in bronze and gold finishes, plus pottery and stone for walls, floors, furniture and other accessories provided in clear finishes.


As for colors, vibrant predominate as the Orchid Radiant, which has been chosen by Pantone as color of the year, dark blue or green olive, and other warm colors like red, orange or yellow. Of course especially during the warmer months of the year, you can opt for pastel colors. And as I’ve said before, the bronze and gold accents are also trend. On the other hand the black takes center stage because of the feeling of elegance it brings.

Textures and accessories

We can not forget the textures which charge a major role in the ceramics, paper and textiles Graffiti, being geometric patterns or prints, the Greek stars of the season. As for accessories, stand with animal shape objects, statues and artwork, plus mirrors and details from around the world.

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