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Decorating tables for wedding banquet

Good morning friends, in the space now we leave a fantastic centerpiece to decorate in some weddings. The truth is that we find very romantic without being cloying to see and use nature as part of the decor. The flowers are a must at a wedding, so this centerpiece and the rest of the decorations are made of pink roses.
You do not have the lame all the same tone, remember that you can vary and give dynamism to the decoration. For the centerpiece, you can use small vases with a little water and some spray roses of various species. You can also add half an aspirin for that fresh flowers last much longer. Treat if tables are not very large, you can put several of these centers around the plates as seen in the image.

As we are still giving a natural touch to the table with a large platter whose impression is that of a wooden circle? It has been placed on a plate which appears to fit the edges very beautiful, truth and also contrasts with the color of the bottom plate. On the plate is placed a soft napkin, also in white matches well with the dish. This has been carefully folded napkin so that the end results since we have a vertical rectangle.

As a final note the cutlery on the sides and to draw attention to the plate a little flower that you can share the color with the center or catch the color that you like. The cups will complement the rest and we have nice table decorations for events such as weddings or for a romantic evening.

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