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Decorating Seller

Good morning friends, in the space now we leave you with some ideas for decorating your home library. If you like books sure they have made a hollow place in any room. Anyway this example we propose is perfect for decorating any type of shelf. You may have a bookcase or shelf in a while and want to renew it. To spend less money a good option is to decorate ourselves.
Decorating Seller
For this there are many techniques and ways forward. What today we want to show is a nice bookstore where on one side you can see a nice ornament. This motif can do it by sticking a sticker as always we say they are a good solution and that when the time and want to change it is as easy as following a few steps to not leave any remains.¬†This type of stickers comes in many shapes and colors. It’s a great idea to renew this type of furniture.

You can put it on the side, look for a color that you like and that matches the rest of the stay. You can also use fabric to line the shelves and the interior of the library. It is an option that is quite appealing. You can line it with fabric or paper and you’re also recycling things you do not worth.

On the other hand, you can use paint. In this way you can apply it in many different ways. One is with a sponge you can also use brushes of different sizes or maybe paint the side completely. You must be clear about the design in many cases you can use a template this will make it easier. If you are good at drawing, painting with Spray test, give urban flair to your home beautiful.

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