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Decorating bedroom with high ceilings

Good morning friends, today we leave this room so large, decorated with touches of turquoise and arranged high ceilings. If your home has high ceilings is a big plus at least it seems to me that me and seem larger. High ceilings stylized, makes it look much more airy place as we see in this case. The photograph belongs to a nice bedroom, consisting of a nice decor and high ceilings tall.
Decorating bedroom
The two large and beautiful windows give him away! Something very important in decorating is lighting. As you see in this room does not need much, as the natural light is overwhelming. But still on the bed there is a beautiful lamp made of glass or the like in hues that go perfectly with the rest of the decor.

Lamp, comprising circles virtually play with the effect of light. Circular forms ranging from pale pink to the color of the curtains and speaking of the curtains, the great splash of color to have this room. They are simply gorgeous. In a fine and delicate fabric, are falling in a cascade. They come down and this gives it an effect of even higher ceilings. You see the curtains are subject to the bars two points well the fabric of the center also falls.

No matter that the curtains are thick, because it is all natural lighting advantage of stay. A game is also the bedding with a nice turquoise is perfect to decorate this space. The floor is wooden slats, which brings convenience is warmer and also matches the other furniture. As is a large room has been harnessed wall panels and shelving has been placed in a recessed. Moreover the foot rest or sidewalk there at the end of the bed is perfect to perfectly match the bed.

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