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Decorating a shabby chic living

Love of flowers and floral prints worn-looking furniture combining pastel shades and a relaxed, romantic and special no doubt you’ve been thinking about a decor shabby chic. It is based on a floral, and flowers in vases, flowers in decoration and in the cloths and pink as the primary color, give us a decoration that we all love and of course that applies well in many rooms.
If you do not seize the shabby chic decor today we will give an inspiring idea. Then maybe see her draw back your idea of turning the living room , in a charming and cozy stay where this style floral decoration done admiring the fullest. You do not have to make big changes but yes, flowers are something you should take into account large-scale, because they best describe one of the most admired decorative styles.

In this case, the cake is pink background color of the mat and the walls. Keep furniture solid color within the range of nudes and shabby chic decor of a room has been achieved with decorative elements, which as we said are the major contributors to this style. There are covers for furniture with many flights another quality of shabby chic, and floods floral print cushions, curtains, rugs and frames to photos on the coffee table.

A plant requires the detail of nature, and pictures perfectly aligned in the center wall respond in form and color to the shabby chic trend. The floral aspect is adorable and always good for those who love picnics and memories of endless walks among the flowers, an adorable why not bring the garden into the living room with this shabby chic?

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