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Decorate your table for an event

Today we leave you with this table decorated for an event or a family gathering. The truth is that it is pretty good for a business such as a restaurant. If you want to renew the decor of your restaurant, change tables this is a great idea to summer. In summer usually take advantage of the outdoor spaces, enabling them to eat breakfast, talk or meet with friends.
No matter the space you have, but if it is comfortable and practical. That is attractive to those who will be there. This space has been achieved with two basic colors white and red. If you like both colors, this combination may be what you’re looking for. As seen in the picture, with this table as well put a few diners expected.

The white color is used as background in the tablecloth, as well as lighting gives this environment is enhanced by crystal materials. Therefore we vials which are recycled a very interesting topic. The grid pattern napkins share both colors and remain prepared under the plate something funny. On the plates, also in white have been placed some paper bags these carry a small gift for the diner.

As we see the lighting is very careful used lanterns hung all over the ceiling and also on the table. The lamps give a very intimate and red candles have been introduced perfect with the set. Also put the final icing on the beautiful red flowers. Arranged in clusters and placed in glass jars also recycled.

You see is a set cheerful, natural and fresh where nature and aesthetics is clear. If you want to renovate your outdoor space or you’ll have a party, lunch, dinner or any event here I leave you with this fantastic idea.

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