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Decorate your home with crochet

As we are sure you’ve heard more than once, it all comes back and although the minimalism and modernity are a growing trend, the truth is that more and more back to the old, what we remember our grandmothers and tradition . Today we bring an idea to fill your home with romance decorate with crochet.

The fabric is extremely important in any home, not only decorates and adds color it also provides warmth and something few decorative objects and pieces of furniture do: make a house a home.

home with crochet

Pure Romanticism

The crochet or crochet is a craft labium using wool or yarn for weaving work through a specific needle, crochet needle. The first patterns were published in a German magazine in 1824 and since then it has become a craft.

Today, the crochet transported to the Victorian era and is associated with a romantic and very feminine. Although fits very specific styles and decorations, crochet begins to break through as a very personnel and craft of decorating spaces.

Do it yourself

The crochet apart from giving game with textures also allows you to put your personal signature in your own home. The home is dressed with rough texture and openwork crochet on cushions, table runners and tablecloths.

You can do everything with your own hands. Start with something simple to finish weaving your own blanket which, besides making you feel very proud of your skills, it will be perfect to decorate your living room, on the couch, or your bed quilt.

Decorate your home with crochet

Add the cushions or tablecloths crochet tips to mitigate the effect. If you think you can not or do not have time, you can purchase lace crochet at flea markets, dry goods and specialty stores. Do not miss Zahra Home where you will find all you need to give your home that touch of romance.

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