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Decorate with this interesting clock

Good morning, dear friends! In the space of today talk about a very special clock with an extremely charming, that help to color stays and a special touch. With elegance as source of inspiration, the Dutch designer Marike Staps discovered how to operate the time, a somewhat curious. This beautiful design was exhibited at the Dutch Design Week, like other ecological designs for kitchens.

Decorate with this interesting clock

A few years ago, and this, but we still surprised by the lines so attractive and natural inspiration it provides.’the proposal or concept is to try to find or connect the clock to the mud. In this way the machine works with copper and zinc electrodes.
These electrodes, both zinc and copper, are connected directly to ground. Yes, as you listen.

We all know that clay is a type of driver and driving, thus
electrical charge.With this electric charge the clock. Machinery of this fabulous watch runs properly. Its great ideas that will help give a mysterious touch to the home.Naturally see it as a watch can function normally, it is convenient and also proposes a very original design.

Of course as time goes to connect to Mother Earth. And in this there are plants. We keep them alive. Remember that if the plant dies. The clock will stop working or just can plant something else. It’s a pretty good idea or concept home ideal for self, who like nature or in their lives want to include some of it.

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