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Decorate with glass walls

Good morning friends! In space today talked about some of the most decorative solutions for our homes. If you like the glass, our choice today are the walls in this or related materials. On many occasions I have spoken about this material, inside the decor. They can be implemented in places like the bathroom of a master suite or even a pool.


However, today we want to talk about this kind of material on the walls of the other rooms of a home. The truth is that privacy can be seen quite low with this type of material, but no one will deny that the views you get, both day and night, are the most spectacular.

Through these walls the electric bill will drop significantly, and there is no better way to take advantage of the natural light in our home. Also, if we go a little further in the savings could combine the use of these glass walls with solar lighting.

Given that our room would be fed all day sunlight, at night we would have no problem in enjoying solar energy collected during the day. There are also the possibility of using materials on the side of the room is completely transparent, but that was completely opaque observed.

Although a bright room may be the greatest of our dreams, perhaps avoid this privacy problem using those glass walls in the living room. Imagine the great amount of light we would receive on this stay so important.

Obviously not all live in single family houses, so using these outside walls is complicated. However, we can also try placing a corridor extending glass walls or perhaps wrapping our kitchen with this material that is visible from the dining room either.

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