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Decorate with flowers

Good morning friends, in the space now talk about decorating with flowers made from VHS tapes. The tapes can also be recycled, and also make most beautiful ornaments. The tapes can also be recycled and make them paintings furniture decorating, making ornaments pendants and more. This time we leave with wonderful flowers but also get other suggestions sure you will like if you have video tapes of the lifetime before you recycling wonderful things with them instead of throwing them away.
You only have to remove the film from the tape and then imagine a beautiful design. If you can hook them flowers so they stay as a hanging ornament. Also you can fix with some silicone you’ll see that good is. If you are looking for a site to set free or have you like. One of these places can be wall if you have a missing or see empty ornament can always resort to this solution as flashy.

You can also decorate some nursery furniture accessories. If you have some art, you could do real. There are the most beautiful compositions for our home. The tape is very easy to handle and easy to attach this does not have problems. Also you can play and make great crumple the most striking ornaments.

This way you can add detail to your decor. Video tapes, film rather inside, are a great material to decorate any kind of stay. You can cover them some home accessories or add some different touches. On the other hand you can make flowers, as we see or other items to add to the decor.

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