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Decorate with a kettle and some books

Good morning friends today we’ll talk about a most peculiar decoration. With teapots they use them in addition to what they really are designed they can also serve as decorative solutions. Followers of Decor and Gardens surely remember a great green wall or vertical garden made of teapots.

Decorate with a kettle

Well today I propose a source of interior. Something which will surely make more than one of your guests will turn and stare. This time we take an item as simple as is the kettle to incorporate it into the decor of our home.

It is very simple to do and be great, I think it provides a very interesting natural air mixed with a bit of melancholy for mugs and souvenirs for books. The truth is that is a very beautiful and unique composition, perhaps a bit eccentric but I like that! We see a white teapot, simpler than but with very fine lines have been converted into a pot for a plant.

Just have transplanted a precious plant the tea as a base and main component of the whole all this I have put on a stack of books which seem to have time for tapas or rather by the songs we see.

As you see it is very simple this simple composition can put it in the bedroom next to a window in the living room in the hallway next to the door. You can decorate many corners with a teapot even a space for quiet reading. Imagine a chair a table a bookshelf and making the teapot centerpiece with the plant.

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