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Decorate the wall with vintage handbags

You have seen many original ideas for decorating we know that yes, very modern, very simple very elegant and very vintage. And you’re about to see one more you’ll love. We love it and we know you’ll love it after seeing it and ready to make you what you need to turn a wall into beautiful wall decor vintage handbags fabulous! We love the truth. And not for nothing is original and ultra sleek.
bag wall..
Surely in the attic at home keep many bags of old bags that left the grandmother and aunts, mom bags young used when it was a clear and everyone should be expecting again become protagonists. A decoration that has nothing complicated but if all original not have to think only of the wall where you are going to include these beautiful bags and aggregate carrying flowers.

A decoration for a bedroom beautiful female or a salon when you have a mood and decor that fits a purely decorative like this girl it is a lovely way to recreate very chic without spending a lot and building details that fascinate everyone. The floral details are easy to get too, you can use silk flowers or artificial flowers try many ways there are. You can make paper, recycled paper, paper mache, foam, fabric, weave, really so original these beautiful decorations allow us to explore many ideas that arise.

And if you just believe advantaged crochet wool with beautiful flowers of a thousand colors or pastel shades always because you know that a vintage recreation targets the soft and tender colors that make us feel an atmosphere of sophistication.

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