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Decorate the wall with pictures

This is an idea that you know decorate the wall with pictures, is something we do for a long time and even ceased to be in use in the last decades of the twentieth century with the new century and the resurgence of some tendencies of nostalgia therefore are back in fashion.


But to hang pictures on the wall is something we can customize and make it more attractive to simply fill the same of them. So girls, who enjoy turning every corner in a lovely part can take this idea to decorate the wall with frames.

Using his most endearing pictures and frames of different sizes, this is one of the advantages of this wall decor. You have only to choose the pictures that you like you may be familiar perhaps you are fond of photography and take advantage of the idea to showcase your work or may be collections of images.

In the image you have chosen a beautiful corner of the room where the photographs were placed together with little space between them but with varied sizes and themes. Yet we venture to say that these issues have nothing to do with the decorative style but that does not affect anything to it because it fits well and everything looks fine.

Yes, some of the frames by color combine with cushions for example, and with the wallpaper from the wall although this is not a requirement that you go for frames equal one contrasting color or several frames choose the most different colors.

So the idea personalizes and enjoys a lovely wall that is as easy to achieve as taking a little time to collect your favorite pictures.

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