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Decorate the kitchen with Kitty

Good morning friends, today we leave this curious kitchen decorated with all kinds of great detail and whose main theme is kitty. Yes this nice and famous doll is the main theme of the decoration of the space and of course the colors you will find pink as the main protagonist. White has been used to refine a bit the atmosphere and not be so highly ornate with everything pink.
Remember that in equilibrium, sometimes, is the kit of the question. Today decorate with Kitty and sure to those who are a fan of this cute doll we love it. There are many people who decorate any kind of stay with this character at times and are usually seen in bedrooms for children. At other times they are only small details of Kitty maybe a pillow, a towel or a sticker somewhere in the house. But there are people who go beyond the concept and extend it to a particular area.

If you like themed decorations, and especially Kitty, today we leave you with this so you can get an idea of how to be a kitchen with the help of this doll. You know that in the market you can find all kinds of things about Kitty in fact unthinkable things. The details are very important, in the kitchen we see Kitty’s face in the toaster for example or the beautiful carpet at the foot.

To match the rest both the cabinets’ top as the lower zone is pink. On the other side of the counter tiles and curtains is a nice white color as soil. Finally the appliances are in steel color a shade that hits much to the environment and gives an elegant touch.

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