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Decorate the kitchen with a pallet

We’ve already talked about the relevance of, decorate the kitchen with practicality. After all, it’s an environment where we have space and comfort for working but a space we want to look great, it is not difficult, can be achieved and today I have an idea to get the airspace and make the kitchen an environment more freedom to cook, eat and be always in comfort.
This idea that we have been taking advantage of the material, in other forms of kitchen decor and other home environments, you will no doubt familiar. It seeks to build a pallet to convert it to a shelf to place pans on top of the kitchen ceiling. This is especially important that it is neither too high nor too low in order to use the tools without having to put effort into it.

You have only of a pallet, you know a wooden structure used to craft and DIY infinity and in this case, will serve to decorate the kitchen with originality and cheaply. Low price because it is a very cheap way of achieve what we want, and also maximize space without investing much time and effort just need some details and ready.

Choose an appropriate size pallet, it must be sanded to smooth things that could be on the surface, add metal hooks for hanging pans will serve you will use more and clear will be on hand with this great idea of recycling. Because obviously is recycling also take advantage of a pallet and place it in the kitchen to have a new and convenient use. So get to work, the image is more than instructive for you to have your shelf recycling.

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