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Decorate in white

Hello friends, today I propose white to decorate the entire home. This color brings great feeling of space, even in small rooms. On many occasions we talked about using white in small homes, this is because this color makes each room look bigger and if you also have windows and reflected light appear even wider.

 Decorate in white

The target allows the dynamism within the decor. Whether you want to decorate your entire stay in white Walls white furniture and accessories If you play with some mirrors and materials like glass will be a really amazing.

But besides being able to decorate a room completely blank, is a perfect color to tune and match with other colors. Remember if you want to make the white protagonist, the other colors you enter must be just splashes of color to highlight. In this photo we see a completely blank room the truth is that it is very beautiful and conveys harmony.

The other picture we see, however, has been introduced pink. It has many elements in this color, but enough to impregnate certain romantic atmosphere. With the white color to decorate any room in the home whether the living room, a bedroom bathroom dining room and kitchen.

If you know how to use it can create compositions with a really wonderful and as attractive as spectacular. Today I leave you with these pictures that can help bring our inspiration and white to decorate rooms of minimalist modern rustic or other styles.


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