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Decorate garden with aerial flowers

Decorate garden with vases recycled air we all love the details we can do for ourselves as decorate the garden with recycled. Surely you’ve looked to some of the ideas that we have suggested in another post. Today we have more air decorations for your garden if you have little space you’ll love it and if you like you love recycling as well so let’s get to work.
You will not need more than you want to place plants and water but also clear plastic containers that serve as recycled vases to decorate the garden. A little time to do it because it is actually very easy and clear your usual enthusiasm we already know you love everything that serves to beautify the home without spending much money.

You have to cut soda containers family size the bottom and leave the well closed bottom, fill with water and tie with a ribbon tough as it is in the picture. And then hang from a base that have the effect or maybe a sturdy branch of a tree in the garden allows. Sunsets the subject certainly place you can get it easily and comfortably in your garden.

This is an attractive and inexpensive decoration for the garden, you can try for yourself, so do not deprive yourself of this summer wear it when you invite friends to eat at home and then spend some time in the garden and just as you do it for you when want to read your books and enjoy the colorful flowers and clear environment that will cost you nothing. Did you like? Know each other, so one like grant us we love your comments and ideas.

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