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Decor with curtains and blinds

Now that the heat begins to tighten, it is time to put our homes to prune isolate the most of the sun’s rays and also the pesky bugs that appear with the arrival of warm weather. To get this process easier and cheaper, their promotion sunny days for which a refund of VAT on purchases you make. This promotion is active since last June 1 and will last until July 31 and the products that are benefiting from this exciting promotion are your curtains, insect screens and canopies, plus items that make life more comfortable, we can used as decorative accessories
To participate in this promotion, once you have purchased any of the products that are within the promotion, we will check into fill all fields with our personal data. Once this step, the following will send a copy of the bill of purchase with the original codes of the products you will find in the packaging before August 31 this year.

If everything is correct, we will receive a transfer in the amount of tax on products purchased. The products are characterized by innovative mounting system Pick & Click a system that allows everyone the can install without having to do tedious work.

It also helps to reduce solar radiation, achieving cooler environments without the need of having to use the air conditioning. Thus, its exterior awnings reduce up to 90% this radiation allowing outward visibility even with the top in use. By promoting sunny days have a detached solar radiation is much easier and cheaper.

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