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Decal for kitchen

The stickers are a major decorative trend in recent years, and are currently at its highest point for any room of the house and virtually any wall, door, furniture and even flooring. Today we want to focus on the vinyl for the kitchen, which can be not only on the walls but also have great success in refrigerators, giving an even more special this appliance so important in our lives.

kitchen wall decor

This type of decorative elements has revolutionized the industry for its originality as they are beautiful, cheap and very easy for the placement. Here we leave you some tips on where you can place:

Wall vinyls

You can put stickers on the wall whether it’s as if you’re painting tiles. There are special vinyl kitchens, better bearing grease and washable are much more normal. You can put a row of vinyl like a valance or put a bigger one with a special drawing. The designs are carried over in this room are the ones with floral prints or some natural scenery or having to do with the culinary world.

Vinyl in the fridge

Another good place to put a vinyl is in the fridge, getting so much more original. It is ideal if you want a modern kitchen with something really flashy. Today there are a variety of designs all kinds of styles, both flowers and another one with animal print.

Door vinyls

Another option is to put it on the door so it will be much more discreet than in the wall or in the fridge if you want it to be as flashy. You can put one fill the door or is just a little to give a special touch charging but not much.

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