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Crystal Paves in decorating

Good morning friends! In the space of today we leave you with some ideas to decorate using glass of Paves. Surely you’ve ever heard of it. This type of glass is a kind of brick of glass, which used properly, will provide much more light to our environments. These are used to decorate square blocks, winning lighting and also as a great insulator too.

Crystal Paves in decorating

You can decorate in many ways with this type of glass; a very common one is to make a crystal glass block wall. This calls for some things like ribbons, mounting adhesive, silicone spreaders to seat the square. The blocks are in a row and separated by the crosspiece thus remain cool. You can do whatever you want high wall or just add a nice color center square in one of your empty walls.

If you choose this last option only need the glass squares, they will rely on each other without problems. But we have to make a hole, the size you want, on the wall. Besides these two suggestions, one consisting in the glass block wall and the other of Paves decorate a small wall portion. There are many more ideas to decorate our home. With every game we make, we will gain in brightness. And you can choose the color you like best just a matter of combining.

With these blocks furthermore, can perform beautiful tables. Original and attractive in the color you want. You can also lift a barbell! They are ideal for dividing spaces; you can put together a few blocks and go! This not subtracts any light to the rest of the stay. You can close the stairwell or use these glass blocks for them as a decorative item on a shelf for example.

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