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Combine the green and white

Hello friends, in the space of today we will stick exclusively to two beautiful colors the green and white. Particularly this combination for some areas of our home is quite harmonious i.e. transmitting peace and harmony to the room. The colors convey and feel according to the combinations you do or if you use a single color stays are transformed.
Combine the green and white
The color green symbolizes hope and it is widely used in areas such as bedrooms or bathrooms. You can choose from a wide range of shades of green, like sea green turquoise green hope dark green. You can also add a touch of contrast with another color like white.

If green energy appears calm and collected delivers pure white color. Two colors and a perfect match for any room in the home but preferably for bedrooms bathrooms terraces.

Try to make this combination one of the two colors is the protagonist. For example if the room is small you can try the protagonist is the color white. I say this because this color enhances the lighting especially if you have windows in that room.

Besides white color gives a sense of grandeur amplitude! So you can put it on ceilings walls, floors and use the brush or green to introduce a bit more like furniture handles in textiles like cushions, carpets curtains or plants.

You can also make this combination the contrary leaving the protagonist to be green. So put it in the ceiling or wall you can play with various shades in this color. The contrast this time we looked with white. which may be the furniture textiles or other supplements

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