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Colored glue to decorate

Good morning friends, today we leave some steps to learn how to make colored glue to decorate furniture, frames and any supplements. It’s fun and also the technique is simple. It’s a great invention with which we can recycle also those who do not use cosmetics. Eye shadow face powder blushes all makeup powder you have and do not use can be used to make colored glue.
Colored glue
Ideal for gluing or fixing decorations to furniture, walls, home accessories the truth is used for many things. In this way meets all those cosmetics you want to recycle. Then you just have to grate them all to make them into fine powder. You can do many color combinations, so as much makeup go to recycle glue perfect for all the colors you want. You know that cosmetics often are encapsulated, just take them out with something like tweezers.

Place in a container colors you can use and make powder. Mix as many colors as you like. Add white glue to the container you’re using, and mix well. Stir very well, all the time until well blended. Then let the dough, until it seats and take texture. After these steps, we will have our colored glue! Red, yellow, blue, or a mixture of several.

This glue you can use it in all your handiwork, decorations have to use glue or just alone. To have color, and is decorative. You can do all kinds of designs, one with the glue. Such as cards, coasters, decorative notebooks, gift bags etc. So much for the tutorial on how to make colored glue using anyone not to use cosmetic we hope you enjoy it as much as me and give him a lot of use!

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