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Coaster with bottle caps

Good morning friends, today space coasters we leave a great bottle caps made of plastic or glass. Sure you have many bottles home with you can expect to recycle and make these great coasters. Lately we’ve spoken more than once of the sheets as great articles to recycle and make decorative items to add to our home.
bottle caps
Today for example we leave you with this picture where we see how with a few plates or bottle caps you can make these colorful coasters. Just think about the colors that you like or the design you want and ready in the previous article you commented as easily paint them with a spray. If you have a base to put the plates, which can be felt even a bit of a color that you like you can stick the plates on that basis.

Remember that you can both coasters in different ways, as individual colors. If you fancy has so many sheets whatever that is big coasters. Then wash them well to get rid of traces of impurities. The following let dry thoroughly and paint. As we will use spray best and most convenient to do it in a ventilated area? Besides attempting to put the sheets on a smooth surface for the paint looks better and the drops are not.

Once you choose the colors that you like for the sheet, apply one or more coats letting dry between them. Finally and once they are dry, to manipulate take a wooden or fabric sheets and fixed there. Using a bit of hot glue veneers will be well fixed whether the base is wooden as if cloth.

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