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Choose the best gateway

The home security is an important chapter that concerns us all. We need to feel safe at home and this necessarily involves choosing a gateway to test intrusion. Therefore, some aspects should be clear before choosing which door to put in access to our home.

home security

In addition to more or less liking, the gateway has to meet some important functional characteristics. Namely, the security against external attacks, the insulation, aesthetics … Once you have studied these aspects, you have to find the door that suits them, and that is within your budget, of course.

The most frequent

Security doors. Though they were the most were installed a few years ago, concern about the theft has been relegated, but forgotten, yes to use uncommon. They are the most economical, but also the least secure. Today it is more common to install armored or armored doors.

– Security doors. Wood, reinforced with two plates of steel. They are quite effective against thieves drill, but not against the lever as the door frame is made of wood. However, usually incorporate lock on all four sides, i.e. when you turn the key, the door is blocked by the four sides: up and down, on the side of the hinges and the lock.

Armored doors. Safer and less vulnerable than before, are reinforced with steel plates. But also, the fence or frame is solid iron for the door to be effective against the lever. When choosing it, you do not have many anchor points. If you have a few points, but they go further into the frame will be a very safe door. It is also important that under the sheet covering the outside (with 25 mm. Robbers cost them enough leverage).

Besides the door, you have to have the account other elements such as locks (Pick a high quality proof picks and drills), the hinges (must be resistant), or anti-lever pivots (the best are those with a T and hook on the frame). All these factors will impact directly on the cost of the door, but keep in mind that safety comes at a price.

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