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Good morning friends! Today we will tell you a great idea to make ice hands and decorate with them. It’s so easy you will not believe certainly a small course does not have time to explain in one article so tell this technique will greatly facilitate what we will do next. Do not know about you, but we really love the ice sculptures and decorate with this element in general.
Sometimes it is difficult, given the time required to make these pieces and also keep but great for decorating weddings, birthdays and very special events. Specifically these hands look like a magician, but they are made with gloves! This way will make it so easy to make ice hands sure that will be considered for future festivals. If you are interested in learning to do as they do, today we tell you what you need to create them.

The first is to get hold of some latex gloves the typical we see in many places. Then we need water and a place to enter the gloves to a very low temperature. Also you can not forget a few clothespins wood. The first thing you have to do is catch as many gloves as hands need. The second is to fill them with water until it stops. For water or liquid that are filled not out tie the end with wooden pegs that are used for clothing.

Now we just need to put your hands inside the freezer. Leave a few hours, anytime go check if they are icy. If so you just have to remove the caliper and get rid of the glove. Remember that in addition to water you can make hands with other liquids that can freeze.

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