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Children Hanger with wooden pegs

Good morning friends today leave this wonderful infant hanger for children’s rooms and bedrooms. The truth is that it is easier to do than it looks but it takes time if you want to have a good finish. As you see this add serves to decorate and also to leave some notes or to put pictures grasped with forceps.
Children Hanger
As you can see each square made of flat bar simulating an animal in fact is a dog a rooster a dragon and yes a person. If you want to make this child hanger just to have a piece of flat bar so you can do with a piece of cork. Then with a saw or a cutter depending on the material see cutting squares the size you want.

These squares are practicing a hole in each corner that will serve to introduce the wire that connects them. Once you have the squares ready, you can even sand them a bit to not have chips we decorated. This part is free you can do whatever you want. If you look at the photo looks like Felt used crest hen. Then can be fixed with some silicon. Then he has painted with colored paints the face an eye and a bit of blush to simulate face.

Finally, to the peak you have added an orange painted caliper. So you can stick with silicone and we can use it to post some pictures or some note. The dragon also has a green painted caliper. The crest is green cardboard hope only some triangles have been cut and pasted then squared. With markers Otherwise you will have made some points and then the bottom has been painted green. Check imagination and create your own ornament for the nursery!

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