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Child Pencil made with buttons

Good morning friends, today in space do we leave you with this child pencil made from buttons and a glass jar or plastic. It is a very simple activity, so that even you can do it with your child. It is also a recycling activity because you can use the buttons you have at home and do not know what to do with them. You can use the colors you want! In this case are red but you can put green, blue, white or colors.
closeup .
All you have to have are some buttons, an elastic cord, scissors and a glass bottle. To make this pencil so original the first will enter the buttons on bungee cords. Try leaving the same space between button and button to keep order.

You can put as many buttons as you want or even change the elastic cord for a belt or rope rustic. Once you’ve gotten, just circling the same outlining the jar. Try to squeeze a little tightening the rope. This will avoid crashing, disarming the whole. When you give several turns to the mouth of the jar, you can end up with a knot.

Try not to fall and is tight. Otherwise you can play with the kind of well rounded buttons in the form of flower or any other trinket as long as you have holes you can use. Here you have a couple of pictures so you can see it looks like in deferment colors. When you have everything ready, you can enter pencils pens and everything you need. Remember it is good to keep some order on the desktop as it is the work area and also would not be nice for decoration having everything in between.

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