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Chairs for wedding decoration

Good morning friends, in the space now leave you with this garland as decoration for wedding chairs. If you have an event like a wedding, you can use this precious detail. This will give a dreamy touch to the party. It is also true that this motif can be used to decorate other events like birthdays, Christmas, Reyes, Santos and communions.
You can also decorate the walls, using them as garland wall or ceiling. We really can decorate every corner we want and, is very versatile because you can give the finish you want. Being able to use other templates, with different fonts, and other colors it is a good idea to decorate any type of event. As you see in the picture, you just need a piece of cardboard and a template, with lyrics. You can buy the template with the word or name you need at craft stores or stores like the Chinese.

There are many types of templates on the market, but if it’s the most personal and want to put something that you can not find it anywhere you can always make your own template. Once you have it, set it to the piece of cardboard or material wherever you draw the words or letters. Then draw the word on the carton and carefully cut. When you have embarrassed just need some glue or glue and add several layers of glitter in this case golden color.

You can use the colors you like, whenever you like and combine with the rest of the decor. As we see, this time, wanted to differentiate chairs bride and groom yet being united, this will have been introduced through holes previously made a tape. The tape is of a color that blends well with the lyrics and makes that can tie the chair backs.

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