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Centerpiece of sticks

Good morning friends, in the space now we leave a beautiful centerpiece made of dry branches. The truth is that is a very interesting contribution to our homes and not only that if you can do it in minutes. As you can see is a dead branch you can get it from many parks also if you have a garden or a bush or tree nearby.
With the dry branch, you can decorate many types of centerpieces is true that in the past we have talked about these items to decorate your homes. But this time gives an original touch to your space with a cup and a dry twig! If you dare we’ll let the images to give you an idea. With a cup in white you can put some dry twigs you’ve gathered is important that the stone fill.

Latter so that we do not tip cup and also gives a very beautiful in the whole. A branch has been added a touch of turquoise blue with nice decor you can do with the help of wool wire or paper. As you see is very natural and fantastic to decorate and embellish all of our corners. Both for decorating outdoor tables such as a corner you have in your home this center is lovely.

You can also change the color to one that you like it is also true that you can change the base where the branches are located. It is true that the cup is quite original but it is true that you can change it to a vase or something else that you like. The branches can be as long as you want and you can even change their color. To do the latter just have to paint them a color that you like.

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