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Centerpiece in red

Hello friends, today I propose that invade your table a color full of life, sensuality and freshness as red. Particularly this color has always attracted attention and, like many people, red inspires passion and seduction. I love the details in color red and so today I propose inspiration in it, to create great centerpieces.

Centerpiece in red

Remember that red must be the true and absolute protagonist of the centerpiece, so most tools and items that we use will be in this color. As red elements thousands of things we can use as decorative ribbon ties or in this color red candles or even a beautiful, beautiful red flowers. You can also use cloth or fabric in red ads accounts in this color or add red sand, red feathers, red stones.

You can also think of a base or structure, of the whole, in this beautiful color. Think that red already striking because the same will happen with our decor. The centerpiece can be most striking if we give all the power to red. Here you have some pictures that will inspire you and so you can make your own sets.

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Remember you can use many things in this color, pots, watering cans, red recipes, trays, cups or vases in red. The possibilities are endless, here you have some pictures as you mentioned, if you dare! We hope you enjoy!


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