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Brown bedroom walls

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of a house which is a place of rest and relaxation. This makes for many is the favorite place for that reason it is important to correct interior choosing the right colors, furniture and decorative accessories. Many studies in interior design and state that the darker colors are ideal for bedrooms have a calming effect and create the ideal atmosphere for good sleep.
The color palette has a variety of tones and shades of brown: chocolate, mahogany, coffee, etc. So decorating a brown bedroom only depends on your imagination and good taste. If brown is your favorite color today we offer a small gallery of photos of bedrooms with brown walls, which we hope will be used as ideas for decorating a comfortable, quiet and modern above.

Bedroom with wall and main accessories brown in contrast to the white carpet elegant bedroom with checkered carpet and stone fireplace in matching the main brown leather of the same color main color brown with white curtains and bed breaking the monotony of the room Modern room with brown as the main color and wall decorations in the form of dark brown sand waves.

Cheerful master bedroom where the blue sets the tone for fun and brown decor lends an elegant at all, making the white highlight important elements. Bedroom fully in brown where yellow blend perfectly with shades of brown and gives a touch of fun to the room.

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