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Bright colors for summer

Good morning friends today we leave you with this great table decorated with shades and bright colors. Ideal for summer, the decor may be a good idea for an event you have or family meal. Now that the warmer weather is a great idea to eat out more if you have a place that is on the outside.
colors for summer
Anyway, you can add bright colors to your dinner table diners will thank you.
In the picture you see we leave some flowers, lovely, that add joy thanks to its orange color range of warm colors. Is a small bundle placed in the middle of the table because this is not very large and it is elongated?

The flowers provide a touch of home as fresh and hints of summer breathes! This bouquet was placed in a small spleen and highlights more flowers. Moreover, as the table has an elongated structure, all straight lines used have this you can see on the roads pass, or tray of a nice green color.

All the colors we can see in the field, is a veritable feast of color. As we said before straight lines have been very well used and the red runner is very cheerful. But these rectilinear, have been combined with more rounded shapes and patterns thus becomes a true complement and balance between roundness and simplicity of straight lines.

You can see that the tablecloth has rounded spots, seems to have been painted with colorful watercolor. Also sought that roundness in the dishes, they also have beautiful colors in orange and yellow. As you see everything is set and evokes natural, joy, party, summer, and a table where you are all set with the best taste summer.

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