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Bookseller Pin Press

Good morning friends! Today we talk about an eccentric love shelf with which we have come across and we think it’s worth getting a little more information about it. Sure if you want a shelf ingenious practical funny, Original colorful striking and where you can interact with it as is practical and functional all this comes down to a single library.
Bookseller Pin Press
This time I speak of Pin Press you just have to see it peek and push those areas you need to save and put all your stuff. It is a book completely changed! The design you do you put your creativity and imagination.

While looking for a space in your home a free wall or corner where you have nothing this little shelf helps bring joy and put a fresh point to your home. Room serves both children as adult stays entertainment or reading. In this shelf can put books photo frames ornaments and all you want.

But for that you have to push from behind the small tubes and how do you need to add all the books and articles you need. This small book you may locate next to another of the same series so you have a larger cabinet. Furthermore there are also smaller still mini like shelves to the wall.

Perfect for small spaces and children’s rooms! In this small shelf your child can learn to place their stories and books of his age. You see the shelf is available in various colors all bright and vibrant coloring wherever you put it. Pin Press Shelf becomes a rather peculiar and interesting. Here you have some photos to give you and notion!

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