5 Bertoia Bar Stool Kitchen Layout Ideas To Inspire You

The Bertoia Bar Stool is a midcentury modern style classic that has the ability to emulate cool congeniality and an eclectic flair in any kitchen or dining interior. However, many homeowners struggle with how to feature it within their spaces because you always have to be careful about the backdrop, the material contrast, and accompanying surfaces, etc. So today, we’ll be sharing some great ideas that you can use to inspire yourself on how to feature this stool in your spaces:

1. The contemporary-eclectic look


This modern contemporary kitchen features a combination of bold blacks and whites with bright wooden accents to emulate beautiful contrast. The Bertoia Bar Stool is paired with the kitchen island, whose white top and sides play in stark contrast with the black finish of the stool. The dark front of the island merges with the finish of the stool as well, and creates a nice visual hook that dramatizes the whole ambiance iconically.

2. The island dining

bar stools

This plain Bertoia Bar Stool set-up features an island-come-dining table placed in the center of the kitchen. The sheer elegance and class of this layout makes even the simple kitchen aesthetic feel like a neo-classical haven. The Bertoia Bar Stools add a contemporary quality to the whole ambiance that emulates an unfettered chic sophistication to the whole design.

3. An outdoor kitchen bar


Many people have outdoor bar areas and kitchens that require adequate furnishing. The Bertoia Bar Stool can be used to complement such spaces. If you look at this image, you’ll notice how the tall countenance of the bar and the stools provides an interesting backdrop for the shorter table/chair set-up. You can imitate a similar set-up in your own outdoor kitchen and landscape designs.

4. The show bar


If you’ve got a liquor bar or an aesthetic bar in your interior designs (or even your outdoor areas) then the Bertoia Bar Stool is going to make an excellent addition to such a space. The one featured in this image is a great example. With its sleek, net-like parametric design providing sleek contrast against the rough texture of the backdrop, the stool makes an instant statement and is a beautiful inspiration for those who want to try something new and adventurous.

5. The retro-contemporary look


The retro-chic ambiance of this kitchen features modern highlights. It’s a beautiful ambiance that consists of a mostly-white color scheme that is complemented by a few dark design elements and wood trimming. In the midst of it all, the Bertoia Stool acts as an accent piece with its black finish. The parametric design holds its own against the white and wood aesthetics of the island, adding a lot of visual panache to the whole ambiance.

All of these kitchens are elevated by the presence of the Bertoia Bar Stool. You can be inspired by any one of these settings and design your own amazing kitchen interior with the help of this stool!

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