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The bedroom is a room where you can play with all kinds of decorative elements and materials, stone is also one of them and not only reserved for the decoration of rooms or fireplaces. As we will see in the images below the stone walls in the bedroom will give a touch of elegance and robustness According to team. Also it is a good insulator for both the cold to heat, which is the bedroom, is an important stuff.
BEDROOM WITH STONE WALLSLet’s look at some ideas for decorating bedrooms with stone walls, beautiful designs of double rooms with rustic air. The bedroom design in gray with the main wall in white stone, giving a touch of solidity to the room and helping to make it cold and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for summer.

The main room with white wall but with touches of wear on the gray color to give a more dynamic and modernistic. The remaining light wood to maintain a homely atmosphere Rustic room with stone front wall brick color matching the leather bed, in contrast with the white headboard with the light of the window creates a homely atmosphere.

Main black stone wall marking the wood furniture of the rest of the room, very elegant and perfect for any type of bedroom you want a minimalist touch in the room. An attic in which the stone is the element of color against the white walls and ceiling a double bedroom with the main stone wall, Which makes a perfect contrast with the color black and gray soil of the bed.

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