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Bedroom in Green and White

Hello friends, in the space of today we leave you with this wonderful image that reflects everything that I want to convey in today’s article. On many occasions we doubt about the possible color combinations to give our bedroom. In general this type of stay is usually put light colors colors that convey peace and tranquility as it is a place to sleep.
Bedroom in Green and White
I like to add a touch of contrast using a stronger color like red, blue or black nice. To give just a hint of color can make it through a piece of furniture a wall of some complement as vases or boxes. You can also do it through textiles like carpets bedding or curtains.

This time the green is a color widely used in some decorations to induce calm and relaxing atmosphere. I love on this occasion as played with different shades of green while the whole is complemented by the white. At a glance we know that green dominates the room but does so in a gradual and delicate.

A nice green apple fanned by the light of that beautiful window half open. As you can see has played with both colors as with lighting. Besides all the furniture including shelving are very straight lines. In this also we put the desk lamp.

All clean lines and simple with little furniture to make the room a minimalist. As you can see from the ground up the walls through the bedding are pretty green. White is used for the structure of the bed and the desk.

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