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A lounge on Total Grey

The colors we love and the existing variety allows us to invent a lot of new spaces and unique decorations for our home. Many times we speak of total colors i.e. the choice of a single color to decorate a room.

The colors neutral mostly white often the protagonists and today stop following this line, we bring a proposal that we loved. A room in gray overall an intermediate tone can also darken as light to any room.

A lounge on Total Grey

A dark room or not

We tend to be reluctant to use colors darker and more if the entire stay, because it makes the space look small. But sometimes gray can fill a stay sober and in a very particular light.

The lounge is the perfect place to bet on total grey for the kind of life that we in this room can give it that unique touch that brings the gray. The key is that everything is gray, from the walls to the ground through the furniture, and splashes of color to give details.

The best thing about this option is the wide range of gray with which we can play to, well, play with light. Balancing dark colors with lighter shades get hold space with good light movement and get the stay very pleasant.

Tip on a parquet floor in very light gray and pearl gray walls. You can play with the tones of gray wall and create chiaroscuro, lighter and more powerful areas. For furniture and textiles chooses a darker range, leaving the charcoal for carpet and stone gray for the couch.

To have more light, splashing the room with white pieces and a color box and the result will be amazing. Do not neglect the light and direct it to the lighter to better blur areas.

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